I can't believe it's already been a month since our amazing trip to Paris. I'm so happy that I got to go back to my favorite city and show it all off to my favorite person :) Overall, it was truly magical. The only downside was the HEAT. There were only a couple of days, towards the end of the trip, that it wasn't above 90 degrees, but by that time, I had been constantly hot for so long that it just didn't feel like I could ever cool down. But besides that, I really had an amazing time. And I think Hans did too :) [Disclaimer: this post isn't nearly as detailed as I could make it, but it's still going to be pretty long. Hopefully you'll enjoy it anyway :) ]

June 27-29: Travel! I never used to understand what people meant when they said they were exhausted from travelling, because, hello, you're just sitting there...but I get it now. We started our adventure with a 7 hour drive down to Vegas. We then spent the night (which, by itself was amazing...most comfortable bed EVER and some seriously delicious pizza and wings delivered to our room), and flew out the next afternoon. The flight out was 10 hours, but because of the time difference, we left at 1pm and got in at 7am. I did not sleep more than 20 minutes, unfortunately. This ruined me for jetlag for the rest of the trip. IF YOU'RE GOING TO EUROPE, PLEASE SLEEP ON THE PLANE. Anyways, we didn't actually fly in to Paris, so after the transatlantic flight, we had a 9 hour layover in Manchester, which was the WORST AIRPORT EVER. Seriously, going between gates felt like we were trespassing in secret backalleys of the airport. And we were originally planning on going out into the city, but didn't realize it was too late until we were through security again and couldn't go back. It was okay, though, because we were talking to another couple who said that everything in town was closed for some reason.... So anyway, we got to Paris around 9pm, had a tiny snafu with buying bus tickets, and FINALLY got to our apartment around 10:30. Thankfully, our host, Coraline, was patiently waiting for us, and was very understanding about our late arrival. Unfortuately, I'm not as good of a sleeper as Hans is, so for about 7/10 days that we were there, we ended up going to bed very late, I wouldn't sleep very well and then I'd wake up insanely early, we'd go out, then come back in the afternoon for a quick nap and end up sleeping until it was too late to go out again. But ah well, c'est la vie! (This is why I emphasize to sleep on the plane...it will help you beat your jetlag!!)

June 30: Our first day, we just wandered. I was just so happy to be in Paris, and wanted to soak it all in. We walked down towards the Louvre and then over towards Les Halles. We ate lunch at a little cafe and then went to St. Eustache, the church at Les Halles. Then we got gelato at my favorite little gelato shop, where I used to go all the time on my study abroad. We walked down past the Centre Pompidou, LDS Institute Building, and Hôtel de Ville to Notre Dame. The line was OUTRAGEOUS (see my previous post), so instead, we went down to the Crypte Archéologique, which is right in front of Notre Dame, underground. It's a museum about ancient Gallo-Roman Paris, complete with old ruins! Pretty cool. After that, we meandered back to our apartment and just relaxed for the rest of the day.

July 1: We got up early and went to Notre Dame. Luckily, no line this time (probably because we were up before anything else was open). After that, we went to the catacombs. We walked for AN HOUR, only to find out that there was a monstrous line to get in. So we waited...for 2.5 hours...to see some old bones. No but it was pretty cool. I'd been down there before, but Hans wanted to see it, and I think he thought that it was worth it (for the most part). And that made it more worth it for me, because I really just wanted Hans to think Paris is as awesome as I think it is :)
So after the catacombs, we walked back to our apartment. This walk almost killed me. It was over 100 degrees, we didn't have enough water, and I was wearing terrible shoes and very hot pants. I can't tell you why we didn't just take the metro. But we didn't. Lesson learned: next time it's unbearably hot and my feet are going to fall off, I will take convenient transportation instead of walking. My bad.

July 2: We walked through Place de la Vendôme (unfortunately, the pillar was being refurbished, and so was covered) to the Grand and Petit Palais. However, I guess we were too early because I don't think either was open. So we walked over to Les Invalides, which was another one on Hans's list. Les Invalides is the military museum. There is a LOT of cool stuff in there, I definitely recommend it! Hans very much enjoyed looking at all the old weapons and such. Part of Les Invalides is also Napoleon's tomb. This was one of my FAVORITE things that we saw. It. Is. GORGEOUS. It compares with any of the cathedrals you will see in Paris. Completely stunning. See it. Seriously.

July 3: Another one of my favorites: Sainte-Chapelle. This was one of the places that I didn't get to on my study abroad, but promised myself I would go to this time. It is seriously breathtaking. The main part of the cathedral is on the upper level, so you go up some stairs and as soon as you walk in, it's just...I just don't even have the words to describe it. The whole thing is stained glass and it is just amazing. I couldn't get enough of it. If you go here, try to go on a sunny day. But definitely go. I could have stayed in there for hours.
So after that, we went to the Musée de Cluny, which is the medieval museum (stopping for crêpes on the way, of course). Then, we wandered around the Quartier Latin looking for kebabs for Hans. And we found ALL the kebabs. So Hans was very excited. To be honest, kebabs were his main goal on this trip.

July 4: We walked to Sacré Cœur. It was about a 45 minute walk, but it was through Montmartre, which is such an amazing neighborhood. It's like the artsy neighborhood (it's also the one with the Moulin Rouge). And Sacré Cœur is just my favorite. This is where we locked our love lock. The Pont des Arts no longer holds any locks, due to the fact that a part of it collapsed from the weight. And they're starting a campaign to stop the locks from being locked on any bridge. So we locked ours on a part of the fence in the little park by Sacré Cœur, hidden in some ivy.
Afterwards, we decided to walk to the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, which is a way cool way on the east side of town. It's got cliffs and a lake and (apparently) waterfalls (although we didn't know that when we went, so didn't look for them). Anyway, apparently you have to walk through a not-so-great part of town to get there, so about halfway there, I got a little nervous and we hopped on the metro. Probably not a bad choice. After that, we took the metro out to the Place de la Bastille, which is basically just a monument (Hans was kind of disappointed), and then walked to the Musée Carnavalet, which is like a museum about the history of the city. On the way over there, we stopped and got lunch (kebabs) and went into the chuch of St. Paul-St. Louis. Then we walked home through the Marais, which is also a very interesting neighborhood. Lots of cool shops and such :)

July 5: Free museum day! We started out at the Rodin Museum. GORGEOUS. It's an old hotel and the gardens are just beautiful. I think this was a day or two after I found out that it was Paris Couture Week. Well, as we were walking around the gardens, there was this big, long, white tent that they were setting up. I saw inside, and there were some mirrors, and I said to myself (and Hans), that HAS to be for fashion week. Then we walked around the other side and saw this big, artsy structure that was VERY obviously for fashion week. If I'd thought about it, I should've known what show it was for, because I think they always do their show there (or they did last time, at least), but I didn't figure it out until we were eating lunch in the gardens, and I looked up and saw the impression of the name under the black plastic: Dior. This was a major spaz moment for me. I LOVE Dior. I spent the rest of the time trying to see in to the structure and just generally freaking out. And then, as we were leaving, you could totally see the models rehearsing inside. It was just awesome. Just really, really awesome.
So after that, we walked over to the Musée d'Orsay. Well, since it was free museum day, the line was just ridiculous. So, unfortunately, we did not get to go in. Next time. Instead, we went to the Musée de l'Orangerie, which is in the bottom corner of the Louvre gardens, and has Monet's waterlily paintings, along with some other cool art. Then we walked over towards the Madeleine, and it started raining. So, of course, we kissed IN THE RAIN IN PARIS. Life goal: accomplished. Then we got some indescribably delicious pastries from Ladurée (if you go here, get something rose-flavored. I promise you won't regret it) and walked home. BUT. This was the first day that we actually went out again later. We walked down to the Arc de Triomphe and went up on top and watched the sunset :) Ah, romance.

July 6: Pretty chill day. Started with a kebab on the way to the Police Museum (which wasn't super impressive. I wouldn't recommend it unless you are just insanely fascinated by police history). Oh, we also stopped for some VERY fancy éclairs. I would even go so far as to say gourmet. So after the police museum, we walked back past Notre Dame and the Hotel de Ville, back to our apartment. On the way back, I stopped to check out the Parisian Forever 21 (because, duh). It was mostly the same but somehow much, much better than American Forever 21. Then, later that evening, we walked down to the Tuileries and got some gelato, then just sat and relaxed in the gardens.

July 7: This was the day of the Chanel Haute Couture show. My amazing husband came and stood with me at the Grand Palais while I paparazzi'd the crap out of semi-famous people I didn't know. It was amazing. I know that probably doesn't sound like fun to most of you, but I LOVE fashion and taking pictures is basically my life, so it was just perfect. After all that excitement, we went across the street to the Petit Palais. There is actually a pretty cool museum inside of the Petit Palais. There was a lot of neat, old stuff, including some old pottery, etc., from around 500 BC! Then, we took the metro over to Les Halles to try Nabab Kebab, which is a kebab chain. Hans said that this was the best kebab (although apparently French kebabs aren't as good as German kebabs). After that, we walked back home, passing through the Passage Choiseul, the covered passageway that our apartment overlooked.
Later that night was our "night out"...a dinner cruise with Bateaux Mouches! We took the metro over to Trocadero to try and check out the Eiffel Tower, but it was super crowded and it took a little longer than I thought, so we had to leave pretty much right when we got there. We walked down to the river (and totally got caught in a rain storm), and boarded our cruise. This was most definitely one of the most romantic experiences of my life. It was a two-hour cruise down and back up the Seine, passing all the best-known monuments, and including hors-d'œuvres, and appetizer, main course, and dessert, all of which were delicious. It was a covered boat, with windows all the way around, and a violin player and piano player. There was also a deck that you could go up to and be all romantic and stuff :) I really couldn't have asked for a more perfect evening with my amazing Hans.

July 8: Last day. We tried the Louvre, but the line was atrocious (noticing a theme?), so we walked over to the Eiffel Tower instead. This was the only day that wasn't swelteringly hot. It was actually very cool and overcast, and a little rainy. But perfect. So we didn't actually go up the Eiffel Tower because lines (don'tgotoParisinJulyplease), but we walked under it and back towards the Quartier Latin. We just kind of meandered through the neighborhood. We got one last crêpe/kebab and then walked back to our apartment. A little later, I went back out, just down the street to the Opéra to take some more paparazzi pictures outside the Alexis Mabille show (HIGHLIGHT: SAW MISS J. ALEXANDER FROM ANTM!!!). Then, I went back and got Hans, and we had dinner at the little cafe next to our apartment.

July 9: We didn't actually go to sleep the last night. Our shuttle was supposed to come at 2:30am. It didn't actually come until 3:30am. Annoying. Our flight out was at about 6:40am. Few hours layover in Frankfurt (amazing airport. WAY better than Manchester). Then we left Frankfurt around 11 am-ish...and got back to Las Vegas at like 2:30pm...Weird, because it was a 12 hour flight. It was honestly horrendous. I never want to be on a plane that long again. And that's not even the worst of it, because then we had to drive 7 hours back to Elko. When we finally got home, I think I had been awake for about 40 hours and I don't think I've never been more tired in my life. Plus side: I did not have any jet lag on the way back, because I slept like a baby that night (even though we didn't get back until 1am).

So that's it! I won't lie, I was so stressed about this trip before we went. Part of it was that I was worried that Hans wouldn't like it, but he did. And I am SO proud of him...he actually learned AND USED some French! I have never been so impressed with him than when we were boarding our dinner cruise and he asked IN FRENCH if the lady spoke English. It was ridiculously attractive :) There's no one that I would have rather shared this experience with, and I can't wait for our next adventure!

If you want to see more pictures, they are up on my facebook page!
If you want to see my fashion week paparazzi pictures, click HERE and HERE.


Paris Tips & Tricks

Hi friends! So now that it's been a month since we were in Paris...I'm finally going to write about it! But first, I have some tips for you if you're planning your own amazing vacation :)

1. AIRFARE: I used SkyScanner to find our airfare. I have it as an app on my phone, but they also have a website. Basically, you just tell it where and when you're going, and it tells you airfares from all the different airlines. I checked airfares for almost a year before we actually went, so that I could make sure that I got a good price! Going along with that, being open to flying out of different airports can actually save you a ton of money. For example, by flying out of Las Vegas instead of SLC, we saved almost a thousand dollars on our flight! So, even with the extra gas money and staying in a hotel the night before, we were still better off (side note: if you do end up doing this, do your research on hotels; there are lots of them that will let you keep your car there for free so that you don't have to pay for airport parking!)

2. LODGING: So, again, I was checking hotel prices for a long time before we actually booked anything. I wanted to be near the center of town, but I also wanted to be able to stick to our budget AND have a nice, clean place to stay. This seemed like it was asking a lot. Every time I found a hotel that was within our budget and relatively nice, it was too far away from the city center...but then when I found one that was relatively nice and in a good location, it was way out of our budget. You get the idea. Well, in talking with my friend, she suggested that we look on airbnb.com. This is a website where people rent out their homes (or rooms or couches) to people who are looking for somewhere to stay. There are literally places ALL over the world! And it's not shady or anything...they website is very well-run and there are tons of reviews for each home AND for each guest. Seriously, CHECK IT OUT. It took me almost no time to find a nice, clean apartment that was right in the center of everything. It had great reviews, and was totally within our budget! If you want to check it out, HERE it is. She's raised the price since we booked it; we only paid $81/night. It seriously was perfect. It was a couple minutes from the Opéra Garnier, 10-15 minutes from the Louvre, near several shops and restaurants but off on a quiet side street. The ONLY thing that wasn't great was the lack of air conditioning, which is very typical of European apartments, but does bring me to my next point...

3. SEASON: Obviously, we went to Paris in the summer. More specifically, the beginning of July. I WOULD NOT EVER DO THIS AGAIN. Not only was it sweltering hot (between 90-100 degrees and humid), but everyone and their mom and their cousin and their dog were on vacation at the same time. There were lines for EVERYTHING. And I don't just mean like, oh-this-line-isn't-that-bad-we'll-be-there-soon kind of lines. I mean, like, HOURS-LONG lines. For example, we waited 2.5 hours just to see the catacombs. If you don't know, the catacombs are basically an underground labyrinth filled with bones. The only reason we actually waited in the line was because we walked an hour to get there. So if the line for the catacombs was that long, I'm sure you can only imagine how long the lines were for things like the Louvre, the Musée d'Orsay, and the Eiffel Tower...none of which we actually went into because we had already waited several hours in the blistering heat for one attraction, and neither of us were keen on doing it again. So when, you ask, is a good time to go? Personally, I would recommend April or May. I went on a study abroad to Paris in the spring of 2009 and it was perfect. Not only was it way cooler, temperature-wise, but we didn't wait in line for ANYTHING. In fact, for a comparison, we walked straight into the catacombs without standing in line for a second. I've heard that fall is a similarly good time to go, but come on...Paris in spring? Isn't that the ideal? (Note: I would generally assume that all of Europe is pretty similar in July and August...especially because that's also when all of Europe ALSO goes on vacation.)

4. FASHION: Being someone who is somewhat obsessed with fashion, I overstressed about what I was going to wear. Consequently, I overpacked. And then I found out that it didn't matter as much as I thought it did. And here's why. First of all, you're not going to be the only tourist there. Chances are, there are definitely going to be some people there who are dressed much more touristy than you. Second of all, Parisian street fashion is much more relaxed than a lot of travel sites will tell you. For example, most websites will tell you to keep to neutral colors, ie-grey, black, beige, etc. While this is sometimes true (and probably more true in colder seasons), I saw TONS of color while I was there. Now I wouldn't recommend bringing your neon orange hoodie...but inserting a little color into your vacation wardrobe is not going to hurt anything. ALSO, I remember reading somewhere that under no circumstances should you EVER be caught dead in overalls in Paris. I just want to let you all know that I saw SEVERAL Parisian women wearing overalls. Granted, overalls are back in right now, but I just wanted you all to know that you shouldn't believe everything you read. So along with that, you can also probably dress more casually than you think. A lot of websites that I read said that Parisians don't wear shorts. I don't think this is true at all. I saw TONS of people wearing shorts. And jeans are fine. And t-shirts are fine. The only thing I would really avoid is sweats/athletic wear. But other than that, like I said, you really don't have to stress that much. That being said...remember your destination. Paris is the fashion capitol of the world, so you might want to use it as an excuse to dress amazingly. Just saying.

5. PLANNING: Before we left, we made a list of things that we wanted to see. My list was basically a list of leftovers that I didn't get to on my study abroad, along with the major tourist sites, since this was Hans's first time in Paris. Hans did some research, and found some things based on what interested him (ie-history, military, etc.). Try to make your list based on how much time you'll be there. You don't want to have a twenty-item list if you're only there for a weekend. Likewise, if this is the only time in your life that you're ever going to be in that city, make sure that you go see the big stuff. For example, you wouldn't want to go to Paris and at least SEE the Eiffel Tower. So, once we had our list, I went through and grouped things together by how close they were to each other. That way, we could plan our days a little better instead of just wandering around all over the city. Now, this definitely doesn't mean that we stuck to the plan. There were a few days when we only did one thing, then came back to our apartment because we were very possibly going to die of heat stroke (catacombs day...). But it gave us a good starting place. However, on the other side of this, you don't want to OVERplan your trip. Vacations are for relaxing, and you'll just stress yourself out if you're constantly going. Give yourself time to wander and explore. You'll see the coolest things that you were never expecting to see, and you'll have some down-time to unwind. And don't feel bad if you need to go back to your apartment/hotel/house and take a nap. Especially is you're suffering from jetlag. And also especially if it's hot. The last thing you want to do is make yourself sick on vacation!

6. TRANSPORTATION: Before you go anywhere, do some research on transportation within the city. For example, Paris has one of the best/most comprehensive metro systems in the world. It's a little complicated, but once you figure it out, you can get anywhere you want to go! They also have a bus system, which I've only used a couple of times, but it's the same idea. Hans also did some research and found some tour companies that allow you to buy a pass and then hop on and off whenever you want. Now, all of this is great, but if you're going somewhere like Paris, I would say just WALK. We only took the metro maybe 3 times while we were there, and they were all towards the end of our trip. Other than that, we walked EVERYWHERE. Of course, this isn't possible in every city (obviously), but Paris is so [relatively] compact that the longest we had to walk to an attraction was an hour. Most places were between 15-30 minutes. And, as mentioned, you see so much more of the city that way! Plus, you can burn off some of those delicious pastries ;)

7. FOOD: This is where renting an apartment instead of a hotel came in handy. Food can get expensive when you're on vacation. So to save some money, we went and got some basic foods at the grocery store: cereal, sandwich stuff, etc. AND WATER (always remember to stay hydrated!). And don't think that you're missing out on the food experience. You can still eat like a local. In fact, probably more so. In Paris, there are so many cute little grocery shops with fresh fruit, amazing baguettes, and local cheese that it's definitely worth it!

8. APPS: Before I left, I looked up useful travel apps on several websites. I downloaded a few, but the one that I found the most useful was Ulmon CityMaps2Go. You can download a map of the city you are visiting and use it to navigate offline. That way, you won't have to use any expensive overseas data! The map includes tourist sites, restaurants, shops, etc., so you can find all kinds of places while you're out and about!

So those are my travel tips! Obviously, most of them pertain to Paris, but you can definitely apply most of them to any trip you're planning to take! If you have any other questions, please leave a comment and I'd be happy to get back to you :) Stay tuned for details about our trip!


Les Misérables

Hello! So I've posted a lot about this on Facebook, but we recently finished up our community production of Les Mis and it was AMAZING. I absolutely loved every second of it and every person involved. It was seriously the best thing I've done in a really long time. Anyway, I'm mainly writing this post so that I can upload this "music video" that Facebook wouldn't let me upload. DISCLAIMER: OBVIOUSLY I do not own "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun."

Enjoy :)


Valentine's Day Adventure

Happy Valentine's Day! I know, a day late...but I had to work yesterday, so we celebrated today! We decided to go on a little adventure up Mountain City Highway. We didn't have a particular destination, but after a while, we drove past a sign for Tuscarora. I'd read about it briefly, and so we decided to check it out. Well, it was a LONG ways out, and there is not much there, but it was an interesting drive! And the history behind Tuscarora is pretty interesting too. It's basically a mining ghost town. You can read more about it here and here. Anyways I took a few pictures there and on the drive back. Enjoy!


Gaul Family Vacation 2014-2015

Hello! Long time no write...but I figured the event of the year was as good a reason as any to blog! This vacation was something I'd been looking forward to for a whole year, and it didn't disappoint! We flew the red-eye to Orlando the day after Christmas, and boarded the Carnival Sunshine out of Port Canaveral the next day.

Sail-off party

The first day was Nassau, Bahamas. Hans and I went to Nassau on our honeymoon cruise as well, but we didn't get to do any excursions that time. This time, we got to go to Atlantis! It was so awesome! There were a bunch of cool slides and stuff, but my favorite part was the lazy river...except it wasn't really a lazy river, it was like a rapid river. There were little drops and fast parts and stuff, and then at one part, it took you right into a slide/water coaster type thing. I definitely recommend this resort to anyone who goes to Nassau :)


The next day was a sea day, and then we went to St. Thomas. St. Thomas is sooo beautiful! We had an excursion to Magen's Bay, which I guess is one of the top 10 beaches in the world, according to National Geographic. It was super pretty: white sand, clear water, palm trees. The only thing is, it rained and it was a little cold. But we had fun anyways :)

Magen's Bay

View of Magen's Bay from the top of the island

After St. Thomas, we stopped in San Juan. I really loved San Juan; it felt very European, which I guess makes sense. We didn't have an excursion here, but we walked around town and visited the two forts: San Cristobal and El Morro. Both were really interesting and cool to see! I definitely hope I can make it back to San Juan again, it's such an interesting city!

Loved the cute, colorful buildings!

San Cristobal

View of the city from San Cristobal

El Morro

El Morro

That night was New Years'! I've never been to such a crazy New Years' party! The whole deck was PACKED with people. It was a lot of fun! And a good excuse to wear a sparkly dress :)

New Years' party

New Years' party

The last stop on the cruise was Grand Turk. Grand Turk is the most BEAUTIFUL place I've ever been to....possibly tied with Coco Cay. The water was an absolutely gorgeous, clear, turquoise blue, the sand was white....it was exactly like you'd imagine an island paradise. I wish we could've seen more of the island, but I'm pretty sure we were just docked at a little beach owned by Carnival, because it was just shops, a pool, a Margaritaville, and the beach. If you wanted to get anywhere else, you had to take a taxi or a bus. But still, I loved being there. I would totally live in a place like that if I could (maybe minus the hurricanes...).

Grand Turk

Grand Turk
The last day was a sea day, and then we docked again in Port Canaveral. A guy that my mother-in-law works with was kind enough to let us stay at his time share in Orlando. It was a Wyndham resort, literally right down the road from Downtown Disney, and it was SO nice. We got to stay there for 3 nights. Unfortunately, Hans had to go home the day we got back into port, but it was probably for the best...he hates theme parks, and I'm sure he would've hated the insane crowds at Disney and Universal! But the rest of us got to go to the Magic Kingdom that Sunday! I love Disney World. It's really just a nostaglia thing, but I seriously had so much fun! And it was cool to see the new part of the park as well! Disney really does such an amazing job with their theming...which they should for how much you pay for those tickets. But anywho, we rode all the good rides (the best ones we rode multiple times), bought some ears, and ate some delicious food (nutella and fruit waffle sandwich?? Yes please!). Overall, an awesome day!

Downtown Disney with Hans, Rachel, and Sophie

Downtown Disney with Hans, Rachel, and Sophie

Magic Kingdom!

Beast's castle

Eric's castle

Cinderella's castle, all lit up and icy for Christmas!

Fireworks show while we were riding the Seven Dwarves' Mine Train

On Monday, we went to Universal. I was so happy, some really nice person at my sister's church paid for her to come with me! Yay! So we ended up splitting for this one. Rachel and I went to Universal Studios, while everyone else went to Islands of Adventure. I've been so excited to go to Universal Studios since they built Diagon Alley...and I was NOT disappointed. It. Is. AWESOME. They set it up like a London street, and then you go through one of the buildings, and there you are in Diagon Alley! It looks exactly like it did in the movie, and they even have the dragon on top of Gringotts....and it breathes fire! Way sweet! So we checked out the shops, got some butter beer treats (frozen butterbeer for me, and butterbeer ice cream for Rachel...OMG SO DELICIOUS), and then we went on the Gringotts ride. It was SO fun!! I enjoyed it a lot more than the Hogwarts ride in Islands of Adventure. I think they fixed all the little bugs and smoothed it out. It was basically the same type of ride (4-D), but it was more of a rollercoaster as well. Very much worth it. So besides Diagon Alley, we hit all the older rides, and then checked out the new Simpsons part of the park, which was also very cool! I got a delicious pink donut (mmmmm, donuts), and we checked out Moe's bar. Everything looked just like the show! I'm really glad we got to do Universal, it's one of my favorite parks :) 

The front of Diagon Alley

Inside Diagon Alley

Diagon Alley

The dragon breathing fire

Inside Gringotts


The Knight Bus and Stan Shunpike! That creepy head actually talked too. Like, as in had conversations. 

Duff Man!

Inside Moe's

Homer Donut

I seriously had so much fun on this vacation! I'm so sad to be back in real life (and back in Elko). But now it's time to start planning for our next vacation.....PARIS!! :D